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Magnistretch 12


  • Magnistretch 12 Mattress by Magniflex

    Imagine a Stretching Machine: a device that makes you lengthen and stretch, thus soothing tensions and pain. Now imagine that all this can occur in the gentlest, most painless way: while you sleep. Then imagine that all this is certified and proven by academic research.

    Now, stop imagining. The Stretching Machine does exist.

    Ladies & gentleman, welcome to the new era of stretching.

    Loyal to its history, Magniflex has made another step forward towards an all-embracing concept of well-being, which starts from the bed and moves to all the other aspects of life.

    Thanks to a long series of ergonomic tests developed with the Mechanical Engineering Department of Saragossa University, Magniflex has developed a mattress that can foster the elongation of the back spine and the stretching of the lumbar, dorsal and cervical vertebrae as well as of the legs. All this as a result of the action of inclined section layers which use the body weight and do “stretching“, thus soothing contractions and pain.

    Particularly suitable for the sportsmen, Magnistretch is a mattress that can improve everybody’s well-being, because a relaxing massage ensures benefits not only to the athletes, but also to the deskbound ones.

    Not only are the consumers guaranteed by the Saragossa University certification: Magnistretch also holds the OEKO-TEX for the absence of toxic substances, the LGA stamp on material resistance and the IT 100% Made in Italy certification.

    This therefore means sleeping – in the new step forward achieved by Magniflex – as a fulcrum of well-being;sleeping cradled by a relaxing massage, sleeping happy, waking up without pain and with all the possible energy.


    • Medium Soft / Medium Frim
    • 12" profile
    • Removable  cover
    • Hypoallergenic and breathable quilting
    • The OEKO TEX standard 100 certifies the absence of toxic substances or off-gassing
    • Fire safety certification
    • Certificate of quality, exclusively Made in Italy
    • The design, manufacturing and supply are completely Italian
    • 20 Year Warranty
    • Twin - 38"x75"
    • Twin XL - 38"x80"
    • Full - 54"x75"
    • Queen - 60"x80"
    • King - 76"x80"
    • Cal King - 72"x84"
  • AJA AND UKAS: the manufacturing standards and management systems used by Magniflex comply with the directives of Aja and Ukas, international quality control bodies.

    OEKO TEX: OEKO TEX certification ensures that our products are free from toxic substances or any substance that is harmful to humans and the environment.

    GOTS - The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

    BS EN ISO9001:2008:  Magniflex complies with these standards that guarantee the quality of the company’s products and services.

    CFR1633, FIRA, TB603: fire retardant certifications which guarantee that our products comply with consumer regulations regarding the fire retardant properties of our products. 

    EC conformity declaration, MEDICAL DEVICE: the MD enables consumers with severe physical disabilities to declare the cost of these products as tax deductible expenses.

    IMCI: Certificate of quality, exclusively Made in Italy. The design, manufacturing and supply are completely Italian.

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About Magniflex

Magniflex is the leading mattress manufacturer in Italy, with over 50 years experience. Today, Magniflex features the most advanced memory foam in the world. Magniflex is the product of ingenuity and constant research with the objective to achieve wellness and maintain a balanced and respectful relationship between man and nature. Magniflex makes the most environmentally and technologically advanced visco-elastic, water-latex and foam mattresses available today.



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