Production Update from Naturepedic - Essential Sleep - Mattress & Bedding Gallery

Production Update from Naturepedic

We received this email message on Friday 6/18 after asking for an update on several of our pending orders.  

Hello Naturepedic retailers,

Just wanted to give you all a quick update. We did have the parts come in for our coil machine and we did get it up and running. Having our coil machine down for this extended period of time has unfortunately put us around 7-10 days behind schedule.

We will be doing everything we can to get orders out as quickly as possible. The Factory will be starting 10-hour days on Monday to help us maximize production and get caught up swiftly. Due to the backlog, we cannot give you an accurate shipping timeframe and we do not have reliable answers regarding turnaround, so please refrain from sending inquiries about individual orders to customer service or to shipping.  Having to look into each order individually slows us down considerably as we focus on expediting this process in general. We will be shipping in the order we received the requests in the system, which is the fastest way for us to catch up and make sure everyone receives the products they need.

We truly appreciate your patience as we catch up and are grateful for your continued support.